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Profit $1000 per month from blogger without writing Create Site Generate Pages Important Sites

 Profit $1000 per month from blogger without writing Create Site Generate Pages Important Sites


Each blogger needs essential blog pages such as Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, American Page, and to make the necessary blog page blogs need a Privacy Policy template, Privacy Policy Maker, Disclaimer Templates, Online Disclaimer Maker, Terms and Conditions Templates, or American Page Generator.

Today we will explain Script Blogger operates Utmatic page generator This script is terrible and a script for blogger, using the Blogger Generator Advance Blogger script, you can easily create your own page generator site or page maker tool on websites, by creating page maker tool website with advanced blog tool application, you don't need any coding knowledge or Just follow the explanation in the video.

This script is a simple script for bloggers, you just need to upload the template file and tools only, and to understand exactly how you're advised to watch the video below the article because I explained how to archive your site and it's an important part, and here's what script offers:

Text software page generator includes:

  • Privacy Policy Generator
  • Generator Terms and Conditions
  • Disclaimer Generator
  • Generator of Who We Are

Through this script you can create a professional website without fatigue and write articles in which it operates automatically, your site operates four tools (04) strong necessary page generators on the Blueger and also accepted in Edsence and here you will make 1,000 dollars a month and this is the profit from the internet free without money.

Steps to create a site generating pages of important sites:

To create a Blogger website that operates automatically without writing content this is simple and very easy, follow the steps below or watch the video below the article.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard
  2. Click "Themes"
  3. Upload template file (upload file under article)
  4. Click on Setting "Settings"
  5. Tap Import Content "Import Content"
  6. Upload file tools file (upload file below article)

Steps and tips to accept your Google Adsense website:

  • Edit the blog to find and appear in search engines
  • Link it with google console
  • robot text settings and sitemap map
  • Add suggestive words
  • Create admission pages in Adsense

Non-link robot text file for your blog in overload tag (+ + + + + + +)

User-agent: *

Disallow: /

Allow: /

Sitemap: +++++++/sitemap.xml

Add Android Text Commands Enter Website Managers to Add Your Site

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